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Medium Voltage Drive

Medium Voltage Drive
Product Detailed
Medium Voltage Drive: Harvest Medium Voltage Drive can adjust the speed of ac motor by adjusting the frequency of the input sup

Medium Voltage Drive:

HARSVERT-A series of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive are designed to be highly reliable with high-performance, yet easy to use.It can satisfy users' need for changing the speed of fans or pumps,as well as improve the productivity. The series are compatible with all types of three-phase medium voltage asynchronous motors. The VFDs which are compatible with medium voltage synchronous motors are in the final stage of development. HARSVERT-A series of medium voltage VFD manufactured with the new type of IGBT with microprocessor control have the qualities as follows:1. Voltage resource VFD, direct input of3,3.3,4.16,6,606 and 10 kV,direct output of 3,4.16, 6,6.6 and10 kV,no output transformer necessary. High input power factor, low harmonic current, no power factor corrective capacities and harmonic filters required.2. Sinusoidal multi-level PWM output waveform, no output filter required, can be directly connected to standard induction motor,no harm to the insulation of the cable or the motor, low harmonics of the motor, reduction of vibration of the shafts,with the maximal length of the output cable of 1000m.3. Friendly human-machine interface.4. Modular design of the power circuits simplifies maintenance routine.5.The medium voltage circuits are linked with the controller by the optical fibers, which keep the controller safe and away from the disturbance.6. The complete fault monitor circuit, accurate fault alarm and protection.7. Integrated cooling blower8. The control logic can be conveniently changed with the help of the integrated PLC.9. Offer both field control and remote control in monitor station, providing convenient controlling options.10. Support most of the industrial standard protocols (Profibus, Modbus, TCP/IP, etc.)11. Compatible with industrial standard signal of 0-10V/4-20mA12. Able to operate at either open loop control or closed loop control status with the integrated PID regulator.13. Complete system parameter setup function of VFD14. Easy installation15. Excellent performance/price rationPossible applicationHARSVERT-A series of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive can usually be applied in these fields:1. Power generations: induced draft fans, condensate pumps, water supply pumps, etc2. Metal: dusting fans, furnace fans, oxygen-generators of steel productions, etc3. Petrochemical and chemical; oil transfer pumps, compressors, pumps, etc4.Mining: mortar pumps, fans, etc5. City construction: water supply pump, compressors of large air conditioning, etcIn the above industries, large power fans and pumps' applying of the HARSVERT-A series of medium voltage variable frequency drive achieves industries,large power and flux control, which saves vast energy compared with the control by using the wind shields or valves.Under certain circumstances, users' technological need is the reason of changing the speed of the fans and pumps. The HARSVERT-A medium voltage variable frequency drive series have remarkably high control accuracy,which can completely satisfy the technological requirements while, in addition,save vast energy.Following standardHARSVERT-A series of Medium Voltage VFD satisfy the standards below as well as related clauses of those standards. All standards are valid at the point of sales.Q/CP BLH003-2004   The HARSVERT-A medium voltage VFD series universal specificationGB 156-2003             Standard VoltageGB 191-2000             Packaging-Pictorial marketing for handling of goodsGB/T 1980-1996        Standard FrequencyGB/T 2423.10-1995    Environmental testing for electric and electronic products-Part 2: Test                                  methods-Test FC and guidance:Vibration (Sinusoidal)GB/T 2681                Colors of insulated conductors used in electrical assembly deviceGB/T 2682                Colors of indicator light and push buttons used in electrical                                    assembly deviceGB/T 2900.1-1992       Electro technical terminology-Fundamental termsGB/T 2900.33-1993     Electro technical terminology-Power electronicsGB/T 2900.34             Electro technical terminology-Electric drive and automatic controlGB/T 3797                  Electrical controlling gear-Part 2: Electrical controlling gear                                  incorporating electronic deviceGB/T 3869.1-1993       Semiconductor converters-Specification of basic requirementsGB/T 3859.2-1993       Semiconductor converters-Application guideGB/T 3859.3-1993       Semiconductor converters-Transformers and reactorsGB 4208-1993            Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)GB/T 458801-1996      Sectional specification: single and double-side printed boards with plain                                 holesGB/T 4588.2-1996      Sectional specification: single and double-side printed boards with                                 plated-through holesGB/T 7678                 Semiconductor self-commutated convertersGB 9969.1-1998         Manual of industrial product, and its universal principles.GB/T 10233               Basic testing method for Electrical driving control gear assembliesGB/T 12668.2-2002     Variable speed electrical power driving system Part 2: Universal                                  requirements-Rating specifications for low voltage frequency systemGB/T 13422-92            Semiconductor power VFD experimentation standardGB/T 14436-93            Electrical equipment configuration technique condition

Medium Voltage Drive

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